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About the companyHaute Couture Production Solutions

Haute Couture Production Solutions company was established to fulfill the creative vision of every fashion designer for bridal dresses and evening gowns. The company’s vision begins and ends in a rigorous process of production and quality control which consists of selecting the appropriate fabrics for the dresses, in an accurate and crafted professional sewing, in manufacturing the various accessories for the dresses and finally in the exporting of the dresses and shipping them to the international fashion markets.

For this reason and many more, “HC PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS ” manufacturing and exporting services are considered to be essential for the various designers that we are working with. It is here that the process of realizing the designer’s vision begins, applying the design model of the dress along with constant and close work with the designers, culminating in the introduction of an exceptional work of art which is the product of a collaborative process between our professional team with the designers we work with.

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Dress manufacturing

Manufacturing fabrics

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About the founder of the company – Rachel Yaron Bouganim

If you were to look in the dictionary under the term “creative and varied personality” you’re very likely to find the name Racheli Yaron Bouganim and not by coincidence. Rachel is a woman of many interesting and intriguing facets, she’s very driven and competitive, by all accounts she’s considered to be an astute manager within the fashion community with an eye for every conceivable detail, which is why her name is constantly linked to some of the best and prominent fashion designers in the world of bridal dresses and evening gowns.

Those who are fortunate to work with Rachel, find a vigorous and committed manager with an uncompromising attitude when it comes to promoting the careers of the designers that she works with and to allow them to realize their full potential while constantly striving to effectively manage various manufacturing and exporting processes for them, and ultimately introducing their astounding designs off the production line.