Laser cutting

Fabrics cutting technology by laser is considered to be state of the art when it comes to creating samples and designs. This unique technology is comfortable for use and provides very high finishing capabilities in every area concerning the appearance of a bridal dress or an evening gown, as well as creating accessories and various supplementsĀ  for every dress according to its unique design. Because the use of laser cutting technology is so simple and convenient, it allows every designer to possess an extremely powerful tool which enables the creation of design models for a wide variety of accessories for the dress, very quickly and efficiently, thereby allowing the designers to introduce many and varied designs while experimenting with their application in the dresses design process.

The use in laser opens countless of possibilities for designers and allows the creation of many models of decorating accessories and designs for dresses. It substantially shortens the work process and makes the fabric look special and more professional because the cutting is performed by samples and fixed models which can be designed and planned, as well as repeat the cutting at a maximum precision and very rapidly while preserving the cleanliness of the fabric and its quality, mostly because the laser itself causes the edges to be clean, a result which is unachievable by any other technique.

In this manner any designer can now use a wide variety of designs and fabrics, to produce countless samples for implementation in the design of the dresses, to select decorations for the dress out of ready samples or custom madeĀ  for the designers by size and according to their preferences, to save valuable time and costs and ultimately produce quality designs which are the result of trial and error and which their cutting process is performed with relative ease and offers an abundance of design possibilities.